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Valley Bee Keeping Supplies

Bee Keeping Supplies

We specialise in a comprehensive range of beekeeping supplies including hive frames, stapling and wiring.  Completed frames are boxed and can be distributed throughout Australia.

Apiarist supplies for the amateur/hobbyist begin with a basic kit that you can assemble yourself to complete kits assembled, treated and painted ready to add your bees.

Kits are available in two stages beginning with a brood box complete with all frames and foundation, lid, bottom board, small hive beetle tray trap and Em-lock, DPI instruction book, veil, gloves, smoker and hive tool.

The second stage will consist of honey supers (available in full depth, WSP and Ideal) with all frames, foundation, queen excluder and escape all ready to put on your brood box.  You can add more than one super box and we will have available 8 frame and 10 frame boxes.

We are able to organize the supply of bees for your hives and technical assistance is also available to help with any queries.  For the hobbyist we have an extractor and uncapping knife available for hire at a small fee.

For the commercial beekeeper please contact us regarding pricing for frame assembly and wiring services, box assembly and painting, lids and bottom boards assembled and painted, hive pallets, honey pallets.  Talk with us on your specific apiary needs.

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