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Dr Dylan Wesley is a paediatrician who has been employed as a Staff Specialist at Manning Rural Referral Hospital since October 2007.  Dr Wesley has a special interest in Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrics.  He hails from South Africia where he had a Private Practice for nine years before moving to Australia to work in the public sector.  Dr Wesley does limited private work at Intalink Therapy Solutions.  He will consider referrals for children between 5 and 8 years of age with suspected Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder as he feels that this is a group of children which the Public Sector finds it difficult to cater for.

Dr Brian Drury is a Psychologist working with clients over 12 years old. He specialises in mood disorders; anxiety and panic, bipolar and depression; post trauma; acute stress, PTSD; Psychosis – organic and drug induced; personality disorders; chronic pain and health problems; grief and loss; work related problems; forensic issues; veterans; older persons mental health.

Dr Memory Sendah is the founder of Court ‘n Couch Psychology Clinic & Consultancy. He is a clinical epidemiologist and psychologist with international experience in managing psychosocial interventions in sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS. He worked in project management, education & research, including at the level of project director.  Memory has a history of university lecturing, working for non-governmental organizations, government ministry work in STI/HIV/AIDS interventions, social, health, and marketing research, and business consulting. In Australia he worked as a clinical psychologist for a private hospital for years, as a forensic psychologist in a corrections setting, and for an allied health practice before opening his own clinical and forensic psychology consulting practice.  For a holistic understanding of qualitative and quantitative research, and the application of psychology to training, wellness and well-being.

Malcolm McEnery is a registered Psychologist specialising in working with young people and adults. Including interpersonal relationships and skills; childhood anxiety, night terrors and trauma; dissociation; anger and emotional regulation; borderline personality disorder; eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing; improving motivation and positive Psychology; grief and loss/stress management; attachment disorders; addiction interventions; health behaviours.

Rebecca Ryan is a registered psychologist specialising in disability for over ten years. Rebecca is delighted to have joined Intalink Therapy Solutions and currently works within the paediatric team.  Rebecca specialises in working with people on the autism spectrum and works with GPs, Specialists, allied health team members and schools to provide timely and comprehensive support to clients with disability of all ages.

Deirdre Middlehurst is a Clinical Psychologist. She works with children, adolescents and adults with disability. Deirdre specialises in trauma; anxiety and stress; depression; phobias; bullying; PTSD; Pain management; Asperger Syndrome.

Robert McKenzie is a registered psychologist specialising in children, young people and adults. Robert works with people to manage adolescent and adult mental health issues; anxiety disorders, complex mood disorders, adjustment disorders, personality disorders; stress management; behavioural problems, emotion regulation and anger management; cognitive and adaptive assessments.

Heidi Lambert is a registered physiotherapist.  Heidi has worked with elite athletes, dancers and musicians and has travelled with many sports teams including baseball, swimming, netball and football codes to competitions from local grade matches to a national level. Heidi has also spent time managing post-operative clinics for orthopaedic surgeons and working in both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation settings. Heidi is qualified to deliver the PD Warrior Programme, a program for early intervention of Parkinson’s Disease which includes individual assessment, individual and group exercise program delivery and looks forward to introducing the programme to the Manning Valley.

Tracey Grisold is a well-known physiotherapist who has worked in the original Taree Physiotherapy practice since 1984.  Tracey has extensive private practice expertise in a wide range of physiotherapy techniques.  She has a special interest in neck and headache paid; low back pain; TMJ dysfunction; neurologic conditions including head injuries and stroke; women’s health conditions including pelvic pain and postnatal conditions; workplace injury and ergonomic assessment of work stations having worked onsite with both Brilite and Wingham Abattoirs to provide prompt return to work strategies at these and other work sites around the Manning valley.

Courtney Knight is a graduate Speech Pathologist who works with both adults and children. I have relocated to the Mid North Coast to work as part a multidisciplinary team, in providing Speech Pathology services.  As a Speech Pathologist at Intalink, I provide assessments, therapy and consultations for both children and adults in a variety of areas. These include paediatric speech, early language, developmental language, stuttering, voice, feeding, and literacy, in addition to adult speech, language and swallowing difficulties.

Camille Wright is a registered speech therapist specialising in assessments and treatment for children and adults – including early language; developmental language; stuttering; feeding; literacy; adult speech, language and swallowing difficulties.

Judith Fox is an accredited Dietitian with 30 years of experience in positions ranging from Chief Dietitian at Royal Alexander hospital for Children, other major Public hospitals and over 15 years in Private practice in Forster/ Tuncurry, Newcastle, Redfern and Taree.  Judy is the mother of 4 grown up children and is a passionate cook. Teaching people to modify their diets in manageable, affordable and enjoyable ways gives long lasting dietary change.  Judy believes that in Chronic Disease the modification of diet is most often the single most important change that a patient can make. The Obesity epidemic is real and Judy offers the practitioner and the patient an opportunity to take real action.

Linda Walters is an Occupational Therapist working with children and adults. Areas of specialism are Aged Care and Disability assessment and intervention; brain injury rehabilitation; functional relearning; social re-integration; equipment prescription; home modifications; paediatric early intervention; auditory processing; fine and gross motor observations; mental health screening; physical and sensory processing development; sensory based behavioural issues.

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